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Telecom Sector

  • Introduced CDMA wireless system in Myanmar in year 1996.
  • Supply Towers for the Telecommunication sector.

Shipping Activity

Aviation Activity

  • Can Provide Aviation Services to assist Offshore Drilling operations by providing various types of fixed wing aircrafts and helicopter backup by
    • Ferrovi International
    • Dynami Aviation
    • Sita Air (Pvt) Ltd

  • Logistical Support
    • Bunkering
    • Fresh Water Supply (Portable or Bulk)
    • Fuel Storage Tanks Rental Services
    • Food Provision Supply
    • Utility and Supply Boats
      • -For Seismic Chase Boat
      • -Support Offshore Drilling Operations
      • -For Water Supply
    • Crew Boats
    • For Daewoo Operations meet and greet services for personnel
    • Vehicle Rental
    • Ticketing Clearance
    • Successfully assist to get supply of offshore facility for the “YETAGON” offshore oil and gas Production and provide logistic services to SMOE (Sembawang Marine & Offshore Engineering).

  • Material Supply
    • Supply Line pipe, Casing & Tubing for Oil and Gas industries in Myanmar.